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Create a new user account on MySQL server

January 7th, 2015
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To access a MySQL server, you need to log in to the server using a user account. Each MySQL user account has a number of attributes associated with it, such as user name, password, as well as privileges and resource limits. Privileges are user-specific permissions defining what you can do inside a MySQL server, while resource limits set the limitations on the amount of server resource allowed for the user. Creating or updating a MySQL user involves managing all these attributes of the user account. Here is how to create and configure a MySQL user on Linux.

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phpMyAdmin Extra

May 5th, 2013
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phpMyAdmin is popular with both individuals and enterprise users who want a graphical interface for administering MySQL databases. Although the app has an expansive list of features, most people don’t use it for much beyond basic tasks such as creating new databases. Check out these extras to get the most out of your phpMyAdmin.

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